Our Services


    Natural Services

    • Grooming
    • Groom w/ Style
    • Up-dos
    • Rod Sets
    • Braid Styles
    • Pipe Cleaners
    • Natural Curl Set/Rod Set
    • Single Twist/Coils
    • Flat Twist (Wet/Dry)
    • 2x Twist (Wet/Dry)
    • 2x Twist Rod Set (Wet/Dry)
    • 2x Twist Extensions**
    • Start Locs – Traditional/Crochet Method**
    • Loc Repair**
    • Trimming/Afro Cut
    • ** Client must provide hair

    Chemical/Color Services

    • Texturizer
    • Temporary Rinse
    • Highlights (including Ombre)
    • Semi-Permanent
    • Permanent
    • *If you choose to color your mane, be sure to have conditioning treatments on a regular basis.


    Conditioning Services

    • Moisturizing Treatments
    • Protein Treatments
    • Herbal Steam

    Home Maintenance

    • Be sure to wrap your hair at night with a silk scarf.
    • Cleanse scalp in between washes with a cleanser 
    • Use a light oil or pomade, heavy oils tend to build residue and will weigh down your locks or twist.
    • Visit you stylist every 4 weeks for a professional groom.